From the very beginning of MAISON tedis, our commitment to a responsible approach was obvious. More than a company, we want to be a vector of change, even on our modest scale. Our mission goes beyond the simple design, production and distribution of our products: it's essential for us to support independent projects aligned with our values, where actions speak louder than words.

Discovering Almighty Tree was a revelation. All too often, our gaze wanders far afield, unaware that our own land, however verdant it may be, is also suffering the ravages of climate change. MAISON tedis, deeply rooted in the local terroir, had to choose a local partner, acting where it's as crucial for us as it is for our customers

Almighty Tree works to preserve and enhance our Swiss forests. Their work encompasses sustainable forest management, post-devastation or drought reforestation, species diversification in response to climate change, and maintaining biodiversity while creating carbon sinks.

Almighty Tree's founders, Aline and Gilles, make remarkable efforts to

  • Plant trees chosen according to regional specificities and ecological needs.
  • Preserve habitat trees, essential for a myriad of species such as bees, beetles, spiders, mushrooms, small mammals and birds, offering them shelter and sustenance.
  • Maintain natural hedges, real biodiversity treasures resulting from the interaction between man and nature.

By integrating the Almighty Tree concept into our strategy, MAISON tedis offers its customers the unique opportunity to plant a tree in the canton of their choice. Each tree, bearing the name of its benefactor, will be geolocated, enabling its sponsor to visit it and witness its growth. It's an initiative that invites you, alone, with family or friends, to discover and appreciate the impact that each of us can have on preserving our precious natural environment.

This collaboration with Almighty Tree is more than a partnership; it reflects our shared commitment to a sustainable future. By combining our efforts, we are creating a living legacy, where each tree planted becomes a symbol of our dedication to the land that nourishes us. At MAISON tedis, we are convinced that small gestures can weave the great canopies of tomorrow. Join us in this reforestation mission and together, let's celebrate the vital force of nature. Every MAISON tedis product purchased is a seed of hope sown for future generations.

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